The preparation of food plays a central role in Thai life and culture. There are different dishes for every occasion and each region boasts its own specialties. At CHA’BA THAI, we are pleased to offer you a wide range of authentic dishes to reflect the diversity of Thai cuisine, which is often referred to as the French cuisine of the East. A typical Thai meal consists of three or more dishes which are always eaten with rice. A well balanced meal will consist of meat, fish, a curry and vegetables. The possible combinations are limitless and depend very much on personal preference. The herbs and spices which permeate Thai cooking include lemon grass, coriander, galingale, garlic and chilies.

foodNarm pla’ (dried fish sauce), lime and coconut milk are other commonly used ingredients which help to achieve that very special Thai taste. Our la carte menu contains many established favourites, together with a number of innovative dishes introduced this year. To help our customers, we have designed a variety of combinations to achieve that balance of tastes and textures which make eating Thai food such an experience. These are listed in this special menu.

In modern day Thailand, a spoon and fork are used for eating. The edge of the spoon is used for cutting or breaking up food, while the fork is used to push food onto the spoon or to pick up pieces of meat or sliced fruit. Chopsticks are a Chinese influence, and only used with noodles. Sticky rice and its accompaniments are eaten with a clean hand. All the dishes of the main course are served together with diners helping themselves to a little of this or that depending on individual taste; generally, the more people, the greater the variety of dishes to tempt the appetite. Small portions are taken from the serving dish so that there is enough for everyone to taste and return for more when a favourite is discovered. The plain rice, which accompanies all dishes, is kept separate on the plate and combined with each portion of food as it is tried. In this way, all the different flavours and aromas can be savoured individually. Thai food is rarely served piping hot as it does not depend on heat for taste or appearance. The main course should therefore be eaten in a leisurely fashion.

tablesEating Thai style means looking after your companions and offering them the choicest morsels. It should be a relaxed, communal meal which everyone shares and enjoys. CHA’BA THAI staff are at hand to tell you about the different dishes or assist you in any way they can. Our aim is to provide fresh and healthy food with friendly and unobtrusive service which makes you feel at home.

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy the CHA’BA THAI experience and join the many others who have been our regular customers since 2000. It will always be our pleasure to welcome you back.




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